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>On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Justin Palmer wrote:
>> Pratchetts humour is very British, and lines like Deaths famous "I COULD
>> MURDER A CURRY" don't translate very well, into say, Dutch - where
>> curry is not the cultural experience it is in Britain.
>What are you thinking!? "I could murder a satay" of course! If you have
>ever been to Holland, you'll know what I mean.

        I think thats almost exactly what they did - picked a food (I'm
not sure what a satay is, I'm afraid... ) that would have roughly the
same context in Dutch as in English. The other problem, of course, is
that the joke works on several different levels... for example, do the
Dutch say "I could murder a cup of tea" like the English do, or do they
have another phrase for particularly desiring something?

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