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like I've said before, I've only got the US releases, but I think it was
pretty decent. Gundam 0079 seemed a bit dated in my opinion, but then I
thought "hey it was released almost 20 years ago" and suddenyl it didn't
seem dated at all. As for the others, I really liked Gundam 0080's
characters, I thought they were done rather well. (I also thought the plot
twist at the end was brilliantly executed!) As for 0083, I didn't notice
much in the music department of it, all I really remember is the animation.
I seem to think most of the music in the episodes were instrumental
variations on the theme music. I think sometimes the dubbed voices are done
all wrong (case in point: macross plus, I have the subtitled movie but
dubbed series) but I've got the subtitled US gundam videos and all the
voices seemed to fit the characters.

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>What do you guys think of Gundam sound and music? Note that I am
>excluding songs and music videoes. I guess there are three catergories:
>Voice: is the casting good? Is the announciation clear?
>Sound effect: is the sound rich? realistic? repetitious?
>Music (background): is there any background music? is the music
> contributing to the mood of the scene?
>Here's my view on 0079 OYW:
>Voice: not bad, most voices sound the same. Can't comment on
> announciation.
>Sound: repetitious, shallow, hollow
>Music: no background music
>Not a good score card, but then most other anime of the time were like
>Any comment? On other series?
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