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ya know, up until just recently I didn't have gundam markers... (okay I'm
still waiting for them to come in the mail) but doing details and stuff like
that I accomplished by painting over the small parts and then taking a
butterfly knife to the model and scratching the paint off where I didn't
want it to go. I also used said butterfly knife to cut the parts off the
trees, so I didn't have much of a problem when it came to rough edges.
Anyways, after all the work is done (and mind you, it does take some time,
my master grade GP02 took a little over two weeks) it looks pretty good, and
any rough edges or scars from taking the pieces off those trees blend in
with the detailing. I think it looks pretty decent.

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Subject: [gundam] What kind of paint?

hello you guys!

what kind of paint do you use to paint the gundam kit to block off those cut
and scratches when you cut the part from the tree and make the model look
and not look like plastic. I'm collecting the GW series and I recently
bought the 1/144
GW HELL-CUSTOM and it looks good except for the scythe blade it's yellow and
not in green the manual inside have a color guide but unfortunate for me I
can't read


Oh yeah! can somebody do something about the junk mail.

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