Re: [gundam] Lost In The Translation

Paul Lampshire (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:24:45 -0000

>Well, AV did use the services of Neil Nadelman and Dave Fleming. Neil is
>one of the best in the anime translation business, and an avid Gundam and
>Mecha fan. Dave did translate Patlabor OAVs... They may not be as
>famous as Gaiman, but they are Gundam fan.

OTOH, Neil Gaiman is a pretty good writer. [And, IIRC, he'll be essentially
be 'polishing' a rough script rather than translating.] Whether that's
necessary, or even desirable is a good question. For song lyrics, if you're
going to handle them like Viz does, then I think it's pretty essential that
you get a song writer involved at some point. [Why else do Shonen Knife's
lyrics [even the ones that were originally in Japanese] sound so much less
like a translation and so much less awkward than Viz's do?]

Who did the Patlabor TV episodes, btw?

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