Re: [gundam] new Saturn game?

Operator7g - Michael Ip (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:59:48 +1300

Kota Fujimura wrote:

> Too bad. But no fear! Giren's Greed is coming out for PSX next winter.
> It'll include Ez-8, GP series, MS-X, and others. It'll be on 2 CDs.
> They even named it "Giren's Greed - Zeon's Genealogy"

way cool :) thanx for that. PSX CCA is going for about US$65 at tronixweb,
is there any place that is cheaper? And now a bit off topic, but Bomberman
fans, Hudson have finally got it right for the PSX, yes the plain vanilla
Bomberman (but incredibly addictive - more so than Ultima Online) is now
available for PSX. Boy has Hudson really cocked it up lately.

yeah yeah, my spelling sucks, so what?

Michael Ip

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