Re: [gundam] Goodbye "Iron Cross"?

Mark Simmons (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 00:30:07 -0800

Eddie writes,

>Hmm, I read the page cited above, but there was no reference to Iron Cross,
>nor did they hint at this being the same show as Iron Cross.

  They haven't written about "Iron Cross" since March of last year. Since
they now describe G-Saviour as "_the_ proposed American-made series,"
rather than "_a_ proposed American-made series," it seems pretty clear
they think it's the same thing.

>Most of Dark Horizon's information is being submitted by readers from all
>over (it's kinda like Harry Knowle's Ain't It Cool website), so you should
>take everything you see there with a big grain of salt, and in this instance,
>you should have e-mailed Garth with the correct info.

  Excuse me? I don't feel responsible for correcting other peoples'
bullshit rumors. ;-)

-- Mark

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