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On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Into what?


> I've heard quite a lot of people complain that _english_ is almost
> impossible to translate properly into other languages, simply because of
> how idiomatic it is, how many veiled references and connotations go into
> its speech.

If u r talking about the word-for-word translation, then that's true. but
a proper translation of English into anything should be easy, IF the
translator also speak fluent English. Of all the languages that I have a
passing recognition of (i.e. spent more than one day to learn :), American
English is the most straight forward, get to the point language. Veiled
references, especially historical references, seemed to be shuned by
modern usage.

What's difficult to translate in American English is jokes, which mainly
take advantage of the fact that Americans use every words to mean

BTW, what's a Brit doing when he's "sucking on a faggot"? (you have to
say that with British accent)

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