Re: [gundam] [Game] Zeta Vs. CCA which is better?

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Subject: [gundam] [Game] Zeta Vs. CCA which is better?

>For the Playstation version of Zeta Gundam and Char's Counter Attack, which
>a better buy?

    Zeta is definitely the better buy, since there are more MS to choose
from, not to mention that the graphics (at least to me) seems better in Zeta
than in CCA. Unless you really want to play 2 player mode, in CCA is much
easier (Zeta require you to have 2 TV, 2 PS and a link cable). You might
have to pay more for Zeta too, since the last time I check, most stores
still hasn't lower the prices of Zeta (even in Hong Kong)...

Edmund Chiu

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