[gundam] **1:48** Gundam Mk.II!

-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:58:00 -0800

Today I received the long-awaited Korean-made Academy "1:60" RX-178 Gundam
Mk.II toy. Ve-r-r-y nice! Much better than I'd expected. It's now the
centerpiece of my collection, standing head and shoulders above the rest
... literally! I can only imaginw what the original Japanese toy, with
it's plug-on Musha/Sengoku samurai armor, must've been like.

The toy measures 395 mm from head to foot. Since the RX-178 Gundam Mk.II
is supposed to be 18.5 meters tall, a fact confirmed by the specifications
printed on the front of the box, the toy is actual 1:48 scale, not 1:60. A
1:60 scale toy would only be 300 mm tall.

The second-tallest Gundam in my collection is the 1:48 V Gundam, which
stands 320 mm tall It's also much less detailed the Mk.II, but compensates
with transparent bladed beam saber and a functional Core Block System.

You guys can keep your stinkin' PG Gundam model.

I'll take one of **these** any day!


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