Re: [gundam] Best MG kit?

Der UberHanyok (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 10:37:28 -0500

>The GP-01 should have come with a Core Fighter and Core block like in the
>PG Gundam kit.

yeah, both MG kits (GP01 and Full Vernian model) come with core fighters...
I'll admit the FV isn't solid as a rock, but it does hold together pretty
well. I haven't put together the GP01 yet though. As for the Zeta, well... I
also haven't put it together yet, but I'll have to remember all that about
the wings and shield. Only three more days until spring break starts...

>Does anyone know what the next MG is going to be or is it a little too
>early to ask?

unit three! I wanna see a Master Grade kit of unit three!

>According to Gundam HG Web, where I get a lot of product info (for GML
>Archive II), the next MG is either Dom or High Mobility Zaku-II Black
>Trinary version.

but in this case I'd go with the Dom. I think there's enough Zaku MG kits.

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