Re: [gundam] MixxZine 2-5 Is Out!

Mark Simmons (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 23:34:06 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>Ironically, I'd either never seen or never noticed the "classic YMS-08
>design" and thus same the MS-08TX Ifrit as a new and unique MS.

  I think you'll find the classic version tucked away in the pages of the
MS Encyclopedia...

>As long as I'm thinking wishfully, I suppose there's no chance that the
>Ifreet will turn up in 08th MS Team...?

  At this point I doubt it, but there's a lot of mecha overlap between
the previous Cross Dimension game, Blue Destiny, and 08th MS Team, so you
could consider them as occupying the same corner of Gundam continuity. ;-)

>So there were only five of the "classic" MSV design, but EIGHT of the new
>and improved design? But there's a MODEL of the classic MSV and not the
>new one?

  No model of the classic one either; it was a sketch that Okawara did
for Kodansha's film books, and was subsequently rolled into the MSV
"family." Those exotic Federation fighter planes and the Agg, Zogok, et
al are also sorta MSVs by association. The MSX designs, though - the
Pezun mobile suits, Galbaldy Alpha, and Heavy Gundam - musta come later,
'cause they don't appear in the circa-1983 MSV books.

-- Mark

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