Re: [gundam] Best MG kit?
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 23:16:05 EST

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<< well, I've put together the GP-01Fb and it's a darn nice model, but I've
 a Zeta sitting in my room waiting for spring break to start next week
 (must... finish... mid-terms...). The zeta looks to be really cool, I'd say
 get that one first. of course, with the super gundam you get a whole RX-178
 too, and the mark II is a sweet gundam...
though I haven't built the Super Gundam, yet, I would have to say it seems to
be the most sturdy of the three. The "wings" keep tipping over on the Zeta
and the Corefighter on the GP-01 makes it a little flimsy. Models like the
Gelgoog, GP-02A, and the Zaku are the most sturdy and solid.
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