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>>Ironically, Disney only got Gaiman because Leonardo DiCaprio was reading
>>for the part of the male lead and Gaiman's 13-year-old daughter was an avid
>>DiCaprio fan. The part eventually went to Billy Crudup, but by then Gaiman
>>had seen the Miyazaki animation and become enrapt in it. If anyone can do
>>justice to Miyazaki in English, it's Gaiman. But Gundam fans are not
>>so lucky.
>Well, AV did use the services of Neil Nadelman and Dave Fleming. Neil is
>one of the best in the anime translation business, and an avid Gundam and
>Mecha fan. Dave did translate Patlabor OAVs... They may not be as
>famous as Gaiman, but they are Gundam fan.

And that helps a lot, but it's not always enough. Case in point, the
Gundam novel translations of Frederik L. Schodt. Granted, Tomino was no
Murasaki, but the Schodt translations are terribly stilted. Schodt renders
Tomino's prose in painful exactitude. A little less fidelity to the words
and a little more to the intent behind the words would've made for much
more readable -- and, in the end, more comprehensible -- books.

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