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Chris Beilby (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 16:01:33 -0800

Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > >e-pacs! what about the e-pacs?
> > and I just thought, wasn't their a part in gundam where amuro put another
> > clip into his gundam's rifle? I don't remember entirely btu I could have
> Shouldn't be possible, since the original Gundam's rifle only had ECAP!
> Didn't he even 'toss away' rifles after they ran out of charge for this
> reason? And didn't the White Base catapult-launch a new rifle to him once
> because of this as well?
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  The Original series only featured E-Cap beam rifles. I don't think that
E-packs were developed until after the Stadust incident.

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