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<<Yep, all they need to do is turn it on, and the software takes over, eh?
It's believable, if only for the fact that modern avionics software is rapidly
making even old aircraft easier and easier to fly.>>

A very reasonable conclusion, given today's technology.
> The weapons being hand held would make servicing and repairing the MS a lot
> easier to do in the field than hard mounted systems would be. And there is
<<You'd think that... but in 8MST we've seen people trying to clean MS weapons
while the MS is holding it in storage which seems really dumb! Why not just
put the weapon on the _Ground_ or on a tarp and then walk around and clean it?
Or more simply, have someone in the MS move the weapon around as necessary?
   But now consider: It's easier to armor a hard-mounted system, and you have
substantially fewer parts to worry about breaking in that case too. Hence a
hard-mounted weapon might actually need _less_ maintenance than a rifle-style
weapon in the first place.>>

I was always under the impression that hand held weapon systems in Gundam were
totally self contained, including their own power supplies, targeting systems,
and armor.

> also the fact that an MS can scavenge a weapon off the battlefield by
> picking one up and checking to see if it worked. I see MS's as highly
<<You'd think that... but we've already heavily theorized that a MS's own
power is required to fire beam weapons. If that's true then it's probably not
going to be possible to scavenge weapons from the enemy. A notable
counterexample is from CCA where Amuro scavenges a Geara Doga's rifle (So I've
heard). You'd think it wouldn't work, but I guess by now Anaheim uses some
kind of standard power connection (Or perhaps by this point rifles carry some
kind of internal power supply).>>

Having worked on military field radar, I can tell you all that powering an
external complex system with a supply feed from another complex system is not
easy. Beam Sabers and rifles are more practical with their own internal power
supplies. If your going to go through the trouble of having your Mecha hold a
weapon in its hands, and pull the trigger with its index finger, why would you
need to run a complex power transfer system through that hand into the weapon
and not include the proper communication feeds. I currently work with ultra
high vacuum systems that use Argon plasma, and the idea that plasma as
diverted from a reactor, through the Mecha's arm, and into a non-hard mounted
weapon is to complex to work consistently, let alone during battle. It again
is more reasonable to assume that everything needed for proper operation is
built into the weapon at hand. All that would be needed now is a properly
shielded computer/software interface for using the weapon, and even an EMP
wouldn't prevent the weapon from being used. And if the interface is through
physical motion (i.e., trigger finger), then you don't need a feed that
physically connects the weapon to the Mecha. And if you don't need the
communication feed, then you can do without the overly complex power feeds
that an external supply would imply.

> Not if every MS's artificial intelligence was based on an actual person, a
> person that was smart enough to be able to figure out how to do most things
<<Yepper! A matter of fact, the 'basics' were probably done in the lab, but
Amuro himself ended up coming up with the moves that would define the state of
MS software in the GMs etc.
                                                                 -Probe >>

My thoughts exactly.

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