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>That was episode 2 or 3, but the only place where it says that he thought his
>way through the manuever was in the novelization. The thinking Caps were
>an invention of Brian Daley and the other auther that collectively made up the
>psuedonyn Jack McKenny.

Oddly enough, "thinking caps" and mental guidance of the mecha *is* a
feature of Super Dimensional Century Orguss, the third "Super Dimensional"
series from Tatsunoko, which, along with Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
and Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, was originally intended to be
part of Robotech.

In Orguss, the pilots wear helmets that "read" the pilot's intent and
translate it into action. The pilot visualizes what the mecha should do
and the mecha does its best to do it. Pilots whose reach exceeds their
grasp wouldn't last very long, but those who can match their desires to the
abilities of their mecha can do some really amazing things.

At the last minute, Tatsunoko raised the price of Orguss beyond Macek's
means and he made a deal for Genesis Climber Mospeada instead.

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