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>Funny thing is, the authors have since recanted their braincontrol idea
>online, but have declined to go back and correct themselves in what they
>wrote in the novels.

Author, actually. Although Brian Daley and James Luceno are jointly
credited as equal contributors to the "Jack McKenney" works, Brian Daley
only contributed the basic outline and backstory. The actual writing was
done by James Luceno, who got a shot at a trilogy under his own name and a
few other jobs in return. Brian Daley was the "name" author of the
collaboration at the time, having done the three Han Solo books a few years
earlier. END OF THE CIRCLE was pure Luceno.

>Even funnier, the Robotech RPG follows Macross exactly as
>well. In fact, Siembedia used many of the original Macross artbooks and
>movie books to base his stats off of for the RPG.

It was Kevin Siembieda's Robotech RPG books for Palladium that got me into
collecting RPG books for background and source material on the milieu in
which the game is based. Of the three components of Robotech, I was mainly
enamored of Southern Cross, so his Robotech Masters books, drawing as you
note here from original Japanese sources, were most welcome.

I can't wait to see some English-language Gundam RPG books. Mekton Z and
the Jovian Chronicles are nice, but I really want the Real Thing....


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