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In message <l03130301b30ff7f66fc1@[]>, Oliver Barder
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>>And I don't even drink...! ^_^ Part of the problem I have
>>keeping up with the list is my odd working hours, by the time I read the
>>mails, some-ones already identified and labelled all of the descendants
>>of Chars pet cat... ^_^
>I get that a bit too, being at University I have pretty eclectic hours to
>say the least. So seeing a thread you would have *liked* to
>participated on having been well and truly flogged to death, can be a
>little disheartening.
        I compensate with my good looks and amazing brain. stop
coughing, Ollie... ^_^

>...the time zone thing doesn't help either ;_;

        We're all just Beyond the Time over here... ^_-

>>>>LOL! ^_^ And you complain about my sense of humour?! ^_^
>>>I don't *complain*, I just run away ^_^
>>LOL! (again!)
>>And you've volunteered to sit on the same quiz team as me this
>>year... <note - more rope needed> ^_^
>...nah, use the "carrot dangling on rope" trick. It is *far* more

        No carrot. Just strong rope and a few good knots. ^_^

> (except in my case subsitute the carrot for any mecha
>kit/toy of you choice...well, almost any ^_-).
        How about a MG Gundam "Justin Custom Special Kai Type" -
certified to fall into a heap of plastic at the slightest breeze...
        (we do need a mascot, though... ^_^)

>>>>(I think you should re-check the chemical composition of your
>>>>shaving foam, Ollie... ^_^)
>>> aint that (I have checked ^_-), it is just me getting pissed
>>>*WAAAAAAAY* too much (time to call AA I think ^_^)...
>>Why? Rik-Dias broken down again? ^_-
>"Quattro's a very nice man, yes, a very nice man!"
        "Look, how many times do I have to tell you, Camille, diesel is
*not* the same thing as Liquid Oxygen Propellant just because its a
fuel!" ^_^

        (and if we keep up like this, we're going have to start the
English GML just so everyone can get our UK specific jokes...! ^_^)
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