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Yeah, but curiously enough, the Robotech RPG, despite having had all the
necessary sources and translators, screwed up big time. A Long Time Ago, In A
Galaxy, Far, Far Away.... wrote:

> >  Exactly. I'm not sure what people are arguing about - Macross controls
> >are strictly manual, though I'm not sure exactly how they're controlled
> >(Egan Loo's Macross Compendium lists the VF-1 Valkyrie as having complex
> >joysticks for controlling the robot form's hands, but doesn't elaborate
> on
> Right, I believe that the VF-1 is stated to have 50+ controls to do
> everything
> you see them doing in the animation.
> >other aspects of the control system). I gather that latter-day RoboTech
> >books have claimed that the "Veritechs" are partially mind-controlled,
> but
> >that has nothing to do with Macross proper.
> That's only because the novel authors were idiots. They couldn't get it
> through
> thier heads that the Veritechs are specifically stated as having dozens
> of controls
> to do all the things they saw them doing in the animation. If you go just
> by what
> is said and displayed in the show, Robotech closely follows everything
> Macross
> does. Funny thing is, the authors have since recanted their braincontrol
> idea
> online, but have declined to go back and correct themselves in what they
> wrote
> in the novels. Even funnier, the Robotech RPG follows Macross exactly as
> well. In fact, Siembedia used many of the original Macross artbooks and
> movie
> books to base his stats off of for the RPG.
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