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> Exactly. I'm not sure what people are arguing about - Macross controls
>are strictly manual, though I'm not sure exactly how they're controlled
>(Egan Loo's Macross Compendium lists the VF-1 Valkyrie as having complex
>joysticks for controlling the robot form's hands, but doesn't elaborate

Right, I believe that the VF-1 is stated to have 50+ controls to do
you see them doing in the animation.

>other aspects of the control system). I gather that latter-day RoboTech
>books have claimed that the "Veritechs" are partially mind-controlled,
>that has nothing to do with Macross proper.

That's only because the novel authors were idiots. They couldn't get it
thier heads that the Veritechs are specifically stated as having dozens
of controls
to do all the things they saw them doing in the animation. If you go just
by what
is said and displayed in the show, Robotech closely follows everything
does. Funny thing is, the authors have since recanted their braincontrol
online, but have declined to go back and correct themselves in what they
in the novels. Even funnier, the Robotech RPG follows Macross exactly as
well. In fact, Siembedia used many of the original Macross artbooks and
books to base his stats off of for the RPG.

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