Re: [gundam] what's your favorite gundam?
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<< there have been so many different re-iterations of the gundam I'm just
 curious to which one you all liked most. I mean, there's the original
 RX-78-2, the NT1, the GP01, 02, and 03, the Mark II, Zeta, double Zeta, Nu,
 Hi-nu, Ex8, F90, F91, RXF91, Neo, Cluster, V gundam, V2 gundam, X gundam,
 wing gundam... not counting variations of course, and I'm sure there's more.
 If I had to pick one I'd say either the Prototype Unit 1 or the V2 Gundam...
 I just thought it looked good.

I still prefer the GM, in all of its reincarnations, but if I had to pick a
Gundam, I would definitely pick the RX-78-2 as my personal favorite.

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