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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 22:05:12 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>This installment of the Blue Destiny introduces the MS-08TX Ifeet -- or, as
>they Romanize it here, the "MS-080TX Iflyte"....

  Perfectly reasonable, unless you recognize what the name means. ;-)

>Whatever it's called, it's a damn fine MS that bridges neately between the
>MS-07 Gouf and the MS-09 Dom and I really wish there was a model of it.

  Ditto. It doesn't resemble in any way the classic YMS-08 design (which
dates back to the MSV days), but it's a nifty design. FYI, here are the
MS-08 raisons d'etre old and new...

  YMS-08 (classic): A rival design to the YMS-07 Gouf. Designed for close
combat and agility, it proved to be underpowered and the design was
combined with the Gouf. Note that the Prototype Gouf lacks leg thrusters,
but the YMS-08 has 'em, and passed them on to the final Gouf (giving it
excellent jumping capabilities). 5 prototypes of the YMS-08 were made.

  MS-08TX Ifrit (new): A land combat mobile suit developed by Zeon's
Earth Attack Force (while the Gouf was created by the Zeonic Co. guys
back at Side 3). Sort of a custom unit, of which 8 were made. Note that
it has no leg thrusters.

  MS-08TX [EXAM] (new): A mofified Ifrit used as an EXAM system testbed.
Note the add-on leg thusters, and the resulting jumping capability. The
expanded head houses extra cooling systems for the EXAM computer.

-- Mark

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