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>Has anyone ever realised his, but the song writer for a few of the ZG
>songs was Neil Sedaka? I wondering if this is really true. The actual
>tracks written by him are 'Z kokuwo koete' (Z Beyond the time),
>'hoshisora no Believe' (Believe inthe Starry Sky) and 'giniro DRESS'
>(Silver coloured dress). Anyone who is familiar with Neil Sedaka
>(ahem....Dafydd?) are these song styles consistant with Neil Sedaka?

Yes, it's true. Neil Sedaka's daughter, Dara Sedaka, did the English
language version of "Lovely Angel Queen" for the Queen Millenia/Millenium
Queen ED, the music for which was written by Kitaro. (Moko Nanri did the
Japanese version) Neil Sedaka was well known in Japan for his 60s hit
songs and Dara Sedaka acted as go-between for him with the Japanese label
for whom she was recording.

Kitaro's instrumental music for the show was released on CD in 1982 under
the title Millennia, with no indication of its anime origin. The CD was
produced by Taka Nanri and, yes, he's related to Moko Nanri. The second
track "Space Queen" is the instrumental version of "Lovely Angel Queen"....

You may still be able to find a copy, though.

Artist: Kitaro
Title: Millenia
Catalog No.: Geffen Records 24084-2
Distributor: MCA

As to Sedaka's style, that's changed considerably over the years. It's
quite a ways from "Oh! Carol" (1959) to "Bad Blood" (1975). He teamed up
with Dara in 1980 on "Should've Never Let You Go" and hit #19 on the Hot


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