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>During the first battle for Axis in CCA, Quess leaves Nanai's fleet near
>Luna II to look for Char. Upon finding him, she ejects from her MS and
>uses the momentum from her ejection to "fall" into Char's cockpit. I'm
>wondering how she survived the decompression without a space suit
>(ignoring the fact that she was able to spin directly towards Char
>without much trouble).

She survived it the same way that David Bowman did, when he reboarded
Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey -- breathe out strongly, close your eyes
tightly and think pure thoughts.

The highest internal pressure your body should contain is one atmosphere --
14.7 pounds per square inch = 101.325 kiloPascal = 1013.25 millibars =
1.03323 kg per square cm = 760 torr (mm of mercury, old style) -- which
isn't a heck of a lot, really. Pilots are probably running a lower
pressure as a measure to preclude explosive decompression, with their pilot
suits reinforced with some sort of elastic (like the old jet fighter
g-suits) to keep everything tight.

You want to empty your lungs and yawn so that the air pressure in your
chest and head can vent without blowing out your eardrums, &c, just as you
blow the hatch. You want to keep your eyes shut so that the internal
pressure of the aqueous humor doesn't cause your eyeballs to pop.

Everything else is pretty much left to chance.

Do you feel lucky, Feddie punk? Well, do ya?

>On a slightly off topic, how much air does an MS have in stock? Do they
>have air recycling systems or oxygen generators?

Good question. I haven't a clue. Figure at least enough air to fill a
sphere two meters in diameter, with a low pressure and a high oxygen
content. The basic atmosphere is probably NOT nitrogen -- nitrogen is rare
and precious in space and caused problems when you decompress. Oxy-helium,
most likely, since helium is the basis of the power economy.

So why don't Gundam pilots sound like Donald Duck?

Maybe they're not all their quacked up to be....


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