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<< Has anyone ever realised his, but the song writer for a few of the ZG
 songs was Neil Sedaka? I wondering if this is really true. The actual
 tracks written by him are 'Z kokuwo koete' (Z Beyond the time),
 'hoshisora no Believe' (Believe inthe Starry Sky) and 'giniro DRESS'
 (Silver coloured dress). Anyone who is familiar with Neil Sedaka
 (ahem....Dafydd?) are these song styles consistant with Neil Sedaka?
 yeah yeah, my spelling sucks, so what?
 Michael Ip >>

The only music that Neil Sedaka is credited for is the second opening title of
Zeta Gundam ("With Love To The Planet") didn't actually write the song, but
the music and melody is borrowed from one of his tunes, though I can't
remember which one (I don't have any of his CDs).


(songs that he has done include "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", "Calendar Girl",
"Laughter In The Rain", and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"). I'm sure you might be
familiar with one or a few of these songs. I would that his use in the Gundam
song universe is in keeping with his style., Listen for yourself =)

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