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Roger Harkavy asks,

>Okay, seeing as how this week's featured MS is the RX-75 Guntank, and
>we'll be seeing the RX-77 Guncannon and RX-78 Gundam soon, the question
>lingers: what was the RX-76?

  The Ball, as it turns out. The basic concept of converting civilian space
pods to combat vehicles was planned in UC 0076, but the project was shelved
in favor of developing real mobile suits. Then, when the Federation became
desperate in the last months of the war, the plan was de-mothballed and the
RB-79 went into full-scale production.

  And, while we're at it, I have a pet theory that the Gundam Development
Project Gundams could be considered synonymous with the mysterious RX-81
project mentioned in the old MSV books - a post-war effort to "perfect" the
Gundam. (I'll ignore Okawara's later designs for the RX-81, part of the
crappy-ass "M-MSV" collection.) After all, the GDP began in UC 0081, and
the RX numbers are usually derived from the year the project started. For
that matter, why not consider the Alex the RX-80, in homage to the video
series title?

  I'm still a little sad that, between UC 0083 and 0088, the Federation
suspended the year-based numbering in favor of that goofy location-based
system. I guess the Hizack might otherwise have been the RMS-84, while the
Asshimar could have been the NRX-85...

-- Mark

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