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HunterD writes,

>People have been arguing about this topic for some time. Saying they
>control the fighter with
>a mix of brain waves and manual controls. I believe it was intended to be
>manual control, since we
>never see or hear anything about a neural interface, until Mplus. . .

  Exactly. I'm not sure what people are arguing about - Macross controls
are strictly manual, though I'm not sure exactly how they're controlled
(Egan Loo's Macross Compendium lists the VF-1 Valkyrie as having complex
joysticks for controlling the robot form's hands, but doesn't elaborate on
other aspects of the control system). I gather that latter-day RoboTech
books have claimed that the "Veritechs" are partially mind-controlled, but
that has nothing to do with Macross proper.

  While we're on the subject, I note that the Macross Plus brainwave
control system actually combines a couple of discrete varieties of Gundam
control systems. The ability to send commands to the vehicle's control
system is provided by the original psycommu system, but the ability to
receive sensory data back from the vehicle doesn't seem to appear until
F91's biocomputer. (And a function omitted from Macross Plus's version, but
present in the EXAM and Zero systems, is the ability to receive tactical
advice from the computer.)

-- Mark

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