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BTW, it's _Macross_, not _Robotech_ that has the BDI/BCS (Brain Direct
Imaging/Brain Control System). I know it's picky, but Macross is NOT
Robotech, and thus should not be called 'Robotech/Macross' (or vice
versa). It gets a lot of Macross fans peeved, since most consider
Robotech a severe bastardization of anime....

But back to the not-on-topic-topic...

I don't think it's really explained in detail anywhere. Basically, the
BCS part picks up the pilot's brainwaves and converts it into an action
that the YF-21 takes. Unfortunately, it can also pick up stray,
unintentional thoughts, as is demonstrated in Mac+ #1.

The BDI portion projects a visual image (and the equivalent of HUD,
crosshairs, etc.) directly into the retina, (via sending signals into the
brain that then get relayed to the nerves connected to the eyes [mind
you, I'm not brain doctor]). Thus, eliminating the need to open one's
eyes, I guess.

Oh, and I believe the pilot needs to be in 'synch' with the system to
control it; sorta like Evangelion's synching. wrote:

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> << (ala the
>  "neural-interface" used in Robotech/Macross >>
> I know its off-topic, but how does a pilot control the Valkyrie?
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