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On Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:49:06 +0000 Oliver Barder
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>>> Gundam Moustache: Barbers Counterattack, featuring such
>>>intriguing characters as Handel Bars, Waxen Tar and Rough Stubble...
>>Which suggests the name of another character.
>>Rich Lather....
>Woohoo! Everybody's having a go ^_-

Oh, it's only started. How about:
Moustache 0080: Clippers in the Pocket

With the ever popular scene of Razor Bernie piloting the Aqua Velva
a furball.

Moustache 0083: Buzzcut Memories

With those popular enemies A'Navel Cutter and Witch Hazel piloting thier
respective MSes, the Mach2 Moustache and a vintage CutGood - Water
against Kut'All in his Mach3 Moustache and Hair Burning in his Powered

And don't forget those other sequels, Gundam F-Gel, and Hackaway's Cut.


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