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Mark Simmons (
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Ben writes,

>Changing weapons wouldn't be a convenient, so its easier to upgrade/outfit
>new weapons on the suits.

  This is actually one of the shortcomings of the Gouf - since it has
built-in weapons, it has to be modified for different combat scenarios,
which is why we have variants like the C series (with machine guns on both
hands). Internal weapons also have limited ammo, which is why the B3 Gouf
seen in 08th MS Team moves the machine guns to a clip-on external unit.
(The C-3 Gouf and the Gouf Flight Test Type, though, work around the
problem with replaceable external ammo magazines - ditto the Z Gundam and
its grenade launchers.)

>Another concern if the weapons were built-in, and they store explosive ammo,
>I'd hate to be packing several hundred pounds of explosive ammo in my
>forearm. :) Luckily alot of weapons are energy based in Gundam.

  Which means they blow up _real_ good when hit - at least with other beam

>The fact that they use the computer routines to handle all the fine details
>makes it even more believable that this system could work. If pilots had to
>concentrate on the minutiae of controlling every joint/muscle equivalent
>that the human body without some sort of neural interface, mobile suit wars
>would be very slow combat.

  Hey, modern fighter pilots don't have to manually control every
individual flap and fin - if they did, a lot of the newer planes would be
physically un-flyable. Why should giant robots be any different? ;-)

-- Mark

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