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Prabal asks,

> What's "C.E."?

  "Common Era," an alternative term for "A.D." (for those who don't feel
like referring, even in another language, to "the year of Our Lord"). So it
seems that we are talking about the year UC 2345 (or its alternate-universe
equivalent) after all... wonder what the continent of Australia looks like
these days? ;-)

> I find it hard to imagine people losing all their technology unless
>there was some kind of "Armageddon War" after the Exodus to the Moon!

  Or a series thereof. How many times can people drop huge objects on the
Earth before it begins to adversely affect the inhabitants' lifestyles?

> Is it possible that the Moon People no longer remember that _they_ came
>from Earth in the first place? That this is secret knowledge held onto by
>the Sorrel family alone? (Could be interesting in a Miyazaki kinda way!)

  Unlikely, since the invasion is formally named the 1st Return Operation.
It seems to be common knowledge among the Moonies that this represents a
return to the mother planet...

-- Mark

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