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Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:58:48 -0800

>>The fact that the suits hold their weapons with hands seems a
>>impractical redundancy especially considering the added effort needed to
>>program the necessary moves/reflexes into the suit's computers. But
>>having the weapons built-in to the suit's structure (ala Battletech or
>>Robotech Destroids) will limit MS flexibility to combat situations.
> Right. It's a tradeoff - customization versus complication - and one
>that Gundam resolves in favor of coolness and anthropomorphism. Giving
>space fighters scaled-up human weapons may be dopey, but it looks way
>cool. If you don't like it, well, there's always Star Wars. :-)

But then you couldn't throw your weapon at your enemy as a decoy. You
couldn't just "grab" a replacement weapon if your weapons were built-in.
Changing weapons wouldn't be a convenient, so its easier to upgrade/outfit
new weapons on the suits.

The Gundam does have some built in weapons like the Wrist Grenade Launches
(Z Gundam) and of course the Vulcan Cannon, so I think there is a good mix.
Plus if you run out of weapons, a good swift kick to the mono-eye or the
groin (ala Amuro) does the trick.

Another concern if the weapons were built-in, and they store explosive ammo,
I'd hate to be packing several hundred pounds of explosive ammo in my
forearm. :) Luckily alot of weapons are energy based in Gundam.

The fact that they use the computer routines to handle all the fine details
makes it even more believable that this system could work. If pilots had to
concentrate on the minutiae of controlling every joint/muscle equivalent
that the human body without some sort of neural interface, mobile suit wars
would be very slow combat. I am reminded of the short "Tale of Two Robots"
from Robot Carnival... :)


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