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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 12:35:49 -0700 (MST)

> > * That's North Amelia, not North America, that the Moon Race are invading -

  I think the confusion here is that english speakers would pronounce that
as "Ah mee lee ah", where the way it's spelled in japanese would probably
be more like "Ah merr ee ah". (I.e., a shortened version of "America").

> > typical linguistic drift (as per V Gundam and Xabungle). The Inglessa
> > fiefdom is on the east coast of the continent.

  Then it's pretty ovbvious that "Inglssa" is "English", i.e., "New

> It's still North America, but gets different name after 2,000+ years.

  Heh heh heh... I wonder if we'll see the Statue of Liberty buried up to
her head in the sand somewhere?

> The year 2345 is not C.E. It's the years after human moved to

  What's "C.E."?

> space. And people who left behind forgot the technology after all
> those years.

  Like indoor plumbing?
  I find it hard to imagine people losing all their technology unless
there was some kind of "Armageddon War" after the Exodus to the Moon!
  If people live on the moon, do they live elsewhere in space as well?
(I.e., Mars).

> > * I gather that 19-year-old Queen Diana Sorel, ruler of the Moon Race,
> > One of those warrior queen types like Bodaecia or Bella Ronah, eh?
> Her family had lead the Moon Race for 2000 years. She also looks

   Ah, typical anime Dynasty.
   Is it possible that the Moon People no longer remember that _they_ came
from Earth in the first place? That this is secret knowledge held onto by
the Sorrel family alone? (Could be interesting in a Miyazaki kinda way!)

> Keith Lager, an bread shop appentience. He was impressed by the
> food on Earth, wanted to welcome others on the moon with the
> bread he makes.

  That is really really... argh... I wonder if his personal gundam will
have a massive portable breadmaker weapon: "Gundam Yeast Missile, RISE!"

> Fran Doll, She is working at a printing press, with the goal to
> became a reporter. She works in Knox, the capital of Ingalessia
> Fief.

  Knox? Knoxville perhaps? Fort Knox? Interesting.
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