Re: [gundam] Moustache Gundam vs. Razor Devil...

Oliver Barder (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:49:06 +0000

>>Their secret weapon had finally been finished. Moustache Gundam, a truly
>>fearsome beast. The creators even decided to use a moustache motif on
>>the head so as to taunt the infamous Gilette Corporation...
>Gundam Moustache: Barbers Counterattack, featuring such
>intriguing characters as Handel Bars, Waxen Tar and Rough Stubble...


...nice to see Justin getting into the spirit of things ^_^

>LOL! ^_^ And you complain about my sense of humour?! ^_^

I don't *complain*, I just run away ^_^

>(I think you should re-check the chemical composition of your
>shaving foam, Ollie... ^_^) aint that (I have checked ^_-), it is just me getting pissed
*WAAAAAAAY* too much (time to call AA I think ^_^)...

Mata aouze


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