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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 09:43:10 -0700 (MST)

> suits closely mimic actual human movement. Is this programmed into the
> suit itself (as in, press a button marked "draw beam sabre" and the MS
> will automatically reach backward and grab the sabre's hilt)? Or do the

   It apparently was not in the original MSG, but I believe that someone
actually makes fun of Amuro in ZG by saying "Hey, you've got a button now
for drawing the saber! This ain't like the old days you geezer!" (I made
up the last part there). So it stronly implies that alot of the 'common
moves' are now part of 'macromoves' that can be accessed, video-game
style, by key-combinations.

> pilots have to supply the actual reflexes for MS to act (ala the
> "neural-interface" used in Robotech/Macross or servos like those used in
> Daimos)?

  It really doesn't look that way, watch 0083 or 0080... Gundam pilots
traditionally don't flail their arms around while fighting, they seem to
be able to coordinate all those heroic looking macho moves by just playing
with the old joystick. Amazing, eh?

> The fact that the suits hold their weapons with hands seems a
> impractical redundancy especially considering the added effort needed to
> program the necessary moves/reflexes into the suit's computers. But

  Yep! That's very true. My biggest beef is: Why bother with the fancy
triggers, handles and butts? Who needs a friggin TELESCOPE SIGHT on a
mecha's gun? Why does a beam-rifle need a cock and ejection port? I.e., I
really dislike the whole "Scaled up Human Weapon" look of alot of Gundam
weapons. The bazookas are the worst offender, it would make so much more
sense to simply carry "Missile Packs"!

> having the weapons built-in to the suit's structure (ala Battletech or
> Robotech Destroids) will limit MS flexibility to combat situations.

  Right, but what about "Weapons Modules" Like those plug-in missile packs
some of the F-90s carried? If M-particles are what you need, how come we
never see a MS with a rifle connected to a big backpack M-Engine? (Maybe
this is the point of the 'cannon' MS). Why not have a couple extra arms
with built-in beam sabers to avoid the ol' "Sword CLASH! Now let's
philosophize!" Anime cliche? Why not have two-man MS with one cockpit in
the head and the other in the chest? Hell, why have human-shaped MS at

> do see in the shows--mobile suits helping in rescue attempts,
> reconstruction, etc.), that would make programming them even more
> tedious--you would have to imagine every conceivable motion/movement
> situation that the MS might enter.

  Yep.... or like in heavy-gear, allow the MS to 'learn' particular
motions through 'experience'.

> > Would skip the need for explanations if pilots actually thought their
> machines through the motions. > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are

  Well, even though Psychommu units eventually become common on custom MS,
I've never seen or heard of any evidence that they were ever actually used
to _control_ the MS.. just the remote-bits.
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