Re: [gundam] Quess' space stunt in CCA

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 09:33:38 -0700 (MST)

> uses the momentum from her ejection to "fall" into Char's cockpit. I'm
> wondering how she survived the decompression without a space suit
> (ignoring the fact that she was able to spin directly towards Char
> without much trouble).

  That's because she's a typical anime girl. If a GM pilot tried a stunt
like that, even with a spacesuit, it would spontaneously develop massive
leaks and he'd explode instantly into a fine pink mist!
  Seriously though, the human body _can_ survive several seconds of
decompression, but not without exploding capillaries in your eyes, nose,
skin, blown eardrums and sinuses, etc.
  So what should have reached Char would have been a bloody nosed, bloody
eared, bloody-eyed girl who can't hear with massive red/blue bruises
spreading all over her body. But then she wouldn't be very 'cute' looking
any more and all the otaku would rile up, so Bandai wisely chose to simply
"Protect her with the power of LOVE!" (I.e., physics only applies so long
as it's stylish).

> On a slightly off topic, how much air does an MS have in stock? Do they
> have air recycling systems or oxygen generators?

  I'm sure they do...
  Considering that most MS early in the 1YW only had enough fuel for a few
minutes of thrust, and most mass-prodution MS seem to have a combat
lifetime of just a few minutes, I'd wager that they don't carry more than
a few hours of air. Frankly, considering how HUGE MS are, it would be easy
to carry even a day's worth of air without recycling (which itself is
simply given how much power a MS puts out.)
  And then there's the fuel-issue. If MS really do carry water for fuel,
it's simple to just divert some of the 'waste' oxygen from the cracking
process to the cockpit!


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