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I think the mobile suits, that I've seen at least, were all piloted by
control mechanisms... you know, flight sticks, throttles, I know they
mentioned something about the pedals in Gundam 0083, probably to mimic foot
movement, and I'm sure there are thruster controls and such, but otherwise
there isn't any of the thought-wave stuff like in robotech. If you ever saw
the Metal Siren in Macross II, it's probably closer to that than anything
else - the MS mimics the pilots movements, and the pilot has controls to do
other things (fire weapons, etc.)

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Subject: [gundam] Mobile suit mechanics

>Just a query on how mobile suit pilots control their machines. Mobile
>suits closely mimic actual human movement. Is this programmed into the
>suit itself (as in, press a button marked "draw beam sabre" and the MS
>will automatically reach backward and grab the sabre's hilt)? Or do the
>pilots have to supply the actual reflexes for MS to act (ala the
>"neural-interface" used in Robotech/Macross or servos like those used in
>The fact that the suits hold their weapons with hands seems a
>impractical redundancy especially considering the added effort needed to
>program the necessary moves/reflexes into the suit's computers. But
>having the weapons built-in to the suit's structure (ala Battletech or
>Robotech Destroids) will limit MS flexibility to combat situations.
>Now assuming MS designs had other things in mind than combat (which we
>do see in the shows--mobile suits helping in rescue attempts,
>reconstruction, etc.), that would make programming them even more
>tedious--you would have to imagine every conceivable motion/movement
>situation that the MS might enter.
>Would skip the need for explanations if pilots actually thought their
>machines through the motions.
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