Re: [gundam] A question about Gundam shields

Doc (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 23:02:32 +0800

>>> Is the RX-78's shield designed to withstand beam saber blows? I assume it
>>No it isn't. RX-78 is the first MS ever to equip functional beam saber,
>>hense no need (or rather, it wasn't technically possile at the time for an
>>MS to have that kind of equipment. It took until Nu Gundam)

>I thought they didn't have beam shields until Gundam F90/91?

In CCA, the Nu Gundam's fin funnels reacted to the threats to Amuro's
life (I think there were at least seven MS shooting at him at the same
time) by creating a beam barrier--sorta like an energy pyramid with the
funnels at each vertex, which became the first application of beam
shields in Gundam.
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