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>How do I make IE 4.0 able to view Japanese text? I need to know this, so I can
>try out a demo of a translation program that tranlates Japanese web sites into
>english. I get alot of "unknown word" message's, which is probably bacause I
>need Japanese text, not the code that japanese appears without Japanese text
>support. Please help

On the menu bar, click Favorites. Point to Software Updates and click
Microsoft Internet Explorer. This takes you to the UE4 Update Channel,
where you may be prompted to download IE 4.01 or Service Pack 1 if you
don't already have them.

On the page is a link to the Internet Explorer Components Download page.
On that page, you'll be shown what components you have, what components
you're missing and what components have been updated since you got them.
Among these, you'll find the Japanese Language Kit. This will install
three different Japanese fonts: Shift-JIS, EUC and Auto-Select.

If you have Windows 98, you can get this more directly using the Windows
Update on the Start menu.


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