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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 23:08:17 -0500

yeah I ordered the videos last week and when they came in I had a billing
problem... just send the confirmation e-mail to their orderhelp e-mail
address and they'll straighten everything out. I'm not a member so I didn't
get those discounts, but I got the 10% and the shipping was cheap to boot!

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thinking makes it so." - Hamlet
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>Got a question for those who baught anyting from Animevillage.
>I just ordered two Gundam box sets from them.
>They gave me 10% off, but I thought if you are a member, one of the benefit
>that we don't get shipping charges and $3 off on every item we purchase.
>I got a confirmation email, but it doesn't mention anything about member
>at all.
>Please give me some info.
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