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>Lets's supposed that during the Battle of Ruum, Space Attack Force of
>Zeon managed to actually correctly guide a colony onto Jaburo, how
>does that change the rest of the OYW as we know of...

This scenario may actually already exist in the new Giren's Ambition game.

The obvious differences are that the Federation won't have the centralized
leadership or the manufacturing capability of the Jaburo complex. But
given that White Base spent half the original story trying to get to
Jaburo, I wonder how important it really was.

You also get the Amazonian Sea instead of the Sydney Sea -- a nose job for
the South American continent that lets the Atlantic flood the Amazon Basin
-- and none of that damage across North America caused by pieces of the
Iffish Island colony that didn't make it to Australia. More damage,
concentrated in South America, resulting in less damage to the rest of the

Something never examined very closely: an impact on the edge of the
Pacific tectonic plate sufficient to destroy 16% of the Australian
continent would most likely shift every fault and set off every volcano
along the entire rim -- a "Ring of Fire" indeed! That might even make the
"nuclear winter" scenario pale in comparison....


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