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Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > * The enemy mobile suit "Walking Dome" (or "WoDom") is indeed 40 meters
> That's gonna make one bigass 1/144 kit!
> > tall, but the "White Mustache" Turn A Gundam is only 20 meters. The HG Web
> > writer notes that the latter resembles V Gundam's JamesGun.
> Nah, not at all except for the legs and arms! (And that's because both
> the Jamesgun and the Turn-Off gundam both look like generic giant robots).
> > * The "nanoskin" on the underside of the Walking Dome is a defensive layer,
> > which the HG Web writer theorizes is akin to the anti-beam coating seen in

the only advantage i see with a nontech skin is that it can heal itself, i dont
see it being worth as armor. alot of good its gonna do blown to pieces

> A nanotech coating of 'living machines' is NOTHING like an ablative
> layer of thin-foil (or whatever!) The only thing similar is that they are
> both 'layers'!
> > kids to Earth, the Walking Dome appears to be the standard enemy mobile
> > suit - a forty-meter, biplane-swatting, jeep-crushing giant right out of
> Well, cool! At least it looks kinda freaky...
> > * The stone statue, "White Doll," that contains the Turn A Gundam is
> > located in the Ark Mountains north of the town of Vicinity. Just FYI.
> So it's in the "Vicinity" of Vicinity?
> Geez, the Boys from Sunrise really aren't making any effort at all to
> come up with decent names in this show are they?
> > * I gather that 19-year-old Queen Diana Sorel, ruler of the Moon Race,
> > personally leads the "Diana Counter" force that begins the Earth invasion.
> > One of those warrior queen types like Bodaecia or Bella Ronah, eh?
> Typical anime heroine... wanna bet she'll fall in love with the male
> lead?
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