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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 17:47:53 -0700 (MST)

> * The enemy mobile suit "Walking Dome" (or "WoDom") is indeed 40 meters

  That's gonna make one bigass 1/144 kit!

> tall, but the "White Mustache" Turn A Gundam is only 20 meters. The HG Web
> writer notes that the latter resembles V Gundam's JamesGun.

  Nah, not at all except for the legs and arms! (And that's because both
the Jamesgun and the Turn-Off gundam both look like generic giant robots).

> * The "nanoskin" on the underside of the Walking Dome is a defensive layer,
> which the HG Web writer theorizes is akin to the anti-beam coating seen in

  A nanotech coating of 'living machines' is NOTHING like an ablative
layer of thin-foil (or whatever!) The only thing similar is that they are
both 'layers'!

> kids to Earth, the Walking Dome appears to be the standard enemy mobile
> suit - a forty-meter, biplane-swatting, jeep-crushing giant right out of

  Well, cool! At least it looks kinda freaky...

> * The stone statue, "White Doll," that contains the Turn A Gundam is
> located in the Ark Mountains north of the town of Vicinity. Just FYI.

  So it's in the "Vicinity" of Vicinity?
  Geez, the Boys from Sunrise really aren't making any effort at all to
come up with decent names in this show are they?

> * I gather that 19-year-old Queen Diana Sorel, ruler of the Moon Race,
> personally leads the "Diana Counter" force that begins the Earth invasion.
> One of those warrior queen types like Bodaecia or Bella Ronah, eh?

   Typical anime heroine... wanna bet she'll fall in love with the male

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