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Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 15:54:45 -0800

So, checking out Kota's revamped GML Archive - which looks very nice so
far! - I've been distracted by his link to the Gundam HG Web site. This
Japanese site has a detailed sction devoted to Turn A Gundam, including a
glossary! Some notes therefrom...

* The enemy mobile suit "Walking Dome" (or "WoDom") is indeed 40 meters
tall, but the "White Mustache" Turn A Gundam is only 20 meters. The HG Web
writer notes that the latter resembles V Gundam's JamesGun.

* The "nanoskin" on the underside of the Walking Dome is a defensive layer,
which the HG Web writer theorizes is akin to the anti-beam coating seen in
some UC series. By the way, since the "Flat" seen on the right of Syd
Mead's image illustration is apparently used only to transport the three
kids to Earth, the Walking Dome appears to be the standard enemy mobile
suit - a forty-meter, biplane-swatting, jeep-crushing giant right out of
War of the Worlds (or, for that matter, Ideon).

* The stone statue, "White Doll," that contains the Turn A Gundam is
located in the Ark Mountains north of the town of Vicinity. Just FYI.

* That's North Amelia, not North America, that the Moon Race are invading -
though the HG Web guy notes that this is probably just more of Tomino's
typical linguistic drift (as per V Gundam and Xabungle). The Inglessa
fiefdom is on the east coast of the continent.

* I gather that 19-year-old Queen Diana Sorel, ruler of the Moon Race,
personally leads the "Diana Counter" force that begins the Earth invasion.
One of those warrior queen types like Bodaecia or Bella Ronah, eh?

-- Mark

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