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> was a time of darkness. The omnipresent Gilette Corporation
>controlled the globe with its use of cybernetically enhanced razors,
>eradicating 5 o'clock shadows everywhere. The human race was
>trapped through the cunning deviousness of the irrepressible Gilette
>Their secret weapon had finally been finished. Moustache Gundam, a truly
>fearsome beast. The creators even decided to use a moustache motif on
>the head so as to taunt the infamous Gilette Corporation...

        Gundam Moustache: Barbers Counterattack, featuring such
intriguing characters as Handel Bars, Waxen Tar and Rough Stubble...
        LOL! ^_^ And you complain about my sense of humour?! ^_^
        (I think you should re-check the chemical composition of your
shaving foam, Ollie... ^_^)

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