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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 08:46:29 -0500

>That would be Gundam Shop volumes 1 & 2. Unfortunately they are not
>hybrid CDs like most other Gundam CD-ROMs, so you need to get the version
>for your specific platform. For the Wintel version, it seems like you need
>the Japanese version of Win95 to run it, as I've had no luck with it even
>with Windows 98 (US version), which ran Gundam Virtual Modeler Lite for
>Windows fine. Anyway, I still have volume 2 of Gundam Shop for JWindows,
>which covers all kits released since Zeta if you are interested.
>Try if they won't get it for you at

heheh, thanks, I'l check 'em out, although I'm seriously lacking the
japanese version of windows. Sigh. Maybe I should just move to japan...

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