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><< To but it bluntly - was it that bad?
> Gundam X was originally running friday afternoons, but some kind of
> scheduling genius moved it to saturdays at 6 in the morning... it didn't
> make it much longer after that. From what I understand though, it was / is
> pretty decent series, it just had some bad luck.
> >>
If Gundam X was a decent series, all the other ones (including ZZ) are a
work of art ^^

seriously though, I can't imagine a gundam Series worse than X (please
discount this if you're under the age of 13 ), in fact Turn A Gundam, even
with all its faults already, MUST be better than X, I mean hell, I COULD
MAKE A BETTER SERIES! I mean, cant they at least make an ENTERTAINING
mindless anime? ^^

ahh well I'll go back into lirker mode now....

BTW Im not W. Lee ^^

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