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>Cool that these were, even 10 yr old kids like us were wondering what the
>bad guys were doing when the good guys were doing these routines. I even
>remember being embarassed when my parents saw that we were watching these
>silly stuffs on TV.

        That posing and screaming of what they're gonna do is directly derived
from japanese kabuki and noh theater, where the characters pose and say
what they're going to do before they do it, to prepare the audience for the
event itself.
        It made the audience pay more attention to the action, to the sheer beauty
of the action and all was a nice theatrical device which got
carried on to cartoons...that's why they pose before doing a big action for the mystical positioning and all that a la
sailormoon...that's also taken from their history, since some of their
magical stuff is derived from ritual based movement and all that...

>Now my friend claims that Gundam is the first anime that got rid of this
>yelling and screaming and dancing before the special attacks and
>transformation (Gundam core fighter combination). It's all just no
>nonsense bussiness. Is that true?
>CHIN, Chien Ting

        Correct. Gundam was the first to treat robots as utilitarian stuff,
rather than as semi mystical weapons...before gundam, they treated their
robots as they treated samurai if they had a spirit in them and
all that.
        With gundam, so much for all that.

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