Re: [gundam] Gundam Moustache?

Richie Ramos (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 13:43:56 +0800

> Yeah, but most of the MAs are more like giant vehicles than mecha,
>really. And some of them are just plain goofy. Though honestly, as gundam
>has gone on, the robot designs have become more stylized, human-like, and
>less freaky than the originals.
> -Probe

        Well, that depends. They got freaky in another the wings of
wingC0, and teh weapons and's more now like stylized human
weapons and armor from the medieval times and from mythology and all that,
which is freaky in its own way...they're going back to the old style which
gundam cast off in the first place. specially considering the way wufei of
GW considers his suit.

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