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>Hi, an old friend of mine reminds me of a very funny observation of Gundam
>0079. Rather it's a non-observation.
>In the good old days of monster-of-the-week anime, the good guy/robo (and
>sometimes the monster) will scream out the title of the weapon or special
>attack before deploying the weapon or attack. So Voltron has to scream
>out the name (Voltron Broadsword?) before making that V-cut to finish off
>the monster.

Don't know about the Japanese-language Go-Lions, but in the
English-language Voltron it was "Form Blazing Sword!"

Not just giant robots, either. Whenever two aniem characters sqaure off in
mortal combat, there's the "call shot" -- "Spinal Crusher Ki-i-i-i-ck!"
(Not to be confused with the "Ha-a-a-sa-a-a-n Chop!" from the Bugs Bunny

>Another part is the transformation, many transforming or combining robos
>have to deliver a long speech and a little muscle-flexing before getting
>on with the transformation. The modern version of this (for the younger
>members in the list) is when Sailor Moon deliver her big speech about evil
>and justice yadda yadda before transforming into the fighting costume.
>Cool that these were, even 10 yr old kids like us were wondering what the
>bad guys were doing when the good guys were doing these routines. I even
>remember being embarassed when my parents saw that we were watching these
>silly stuffs on TV.

Again, this isn't just anime. In Sukeban Deka, Saki always delivered a
brief sermon as she flashed the Sakuradaimon (the Great Cherry-Blossom Seal
used as a badge by the Japanese police forces -- you see it on the chest of
the Patlabor) hidden in her steel yo-yo. And the Japanese villains were
doing the same thing the Marvel super-villains do while the Marvel
super-heroes are mouthing off -- standing back and doing nothing as their
eyes glaze over.

>Now my friend claims that Gundam is the first anime that got rid of this
>yelling and screaming and dancing before the special attacks and
>transformation (Gundam core fighter combination). It's all just no
>nonsense bussiness. Is that true?

I don't know if Gundam was the first to dispense with the theatrics, but it
wouldn't surprise me. Still, even without the announcements, they spent an
awful lot of time repetitiously assembling the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam....


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